Ms. Christine Thelker

Christine Thelker from Vernon, British Columbia, Canada describes herself as bright, fun and adventurous. Who at 59 says, her sense of humour has grown, since her diagnosis.

Christine worked for Interior Health Authority for 13 years in various sites, her most loved work was in dementia care and end of life care. It was here that she felt she did her best work.

Advocating for families and patients, advocating for better training for workers working in dementia care. She also advocated for better working environments for the workers.

Christine designed and taught a program to nursing students at the local Colleges on end of life care and dementia care, and designed a program on unattended sorrow, which was in relation to all the deaths workers saw and the cumulative effects. Christine believes it has many similar effects on people diagnosed with dementia and would like to do more work around that.

Widowed at 47 and then diagnosed with Vascular dementia at 56, Christine is still advocating, using her voice to try to help others. She loves working with Dementia Alliance International and believes whole heartedly that it helps keep her living well with her dementia.

Her motto since being diagnosed is “I’m not done yet”.

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