Keith Oliver

Keith lives in Canterbury UK. Keith used to be a primary school teacher, principal and education advisor. At 55 on New Year’s Eve 2010 Keith’s life changed dramatically when a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease was confirmed. After coming to terms with the diagnosis he was determined to fill the vacuum created in his life. He uses his energy, drive and remaining skills towards public awareness around dementia. He’s an Alzheimer’s Society Ambassador, NHS Dementia Envoy (voluntary) and a founding member of the 3 Nations Dementia Working Group. Since presenting a poster at ADI in 2012 he has spoken at various UK conferences. As a long term National Dementia Action Alliance Board member, Keith recognises the crucial importance of human rights in moving dementia care forward alongside the need for quality research such as the IDEAL project, and representing DEEP spoke in 2017 at the UN in Geneva on rights and disability relating to dementia.


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