John Sandblom

John was first diagnosed with dementia at the age of 48 in 2007, it was first thought to be Frontotemporal Dementia. After going through a complete diagnosis process again in 2009 at Mayo Clinic, he was told that he definitely had dementia but they were unsure of the type. It was felt that he had the same type as his father was then in late stage with and passed away the following year. A research autopsy was done on the brain and it showed his father did have Alzheimer’s Disease so it is believed that John has atypical Alzheimer’s (frontal variant). John began his journey of advocating after having attended the local support groups of the Alzheimer’s Association Greater Iowa Chapter and volunteering for them on Iowa Chapter Network. He attended four National Forums for the organization where he met with members of Congress elected in his home state of Iowa where he has resided his entire life. In 2014 he was a founding member of Dementia Alliance International (DAI), an inaugural co-chair of the organization and still serves on the Board of Directors and as the Treasurer for the organization. DAI is a unique organization whose members all have a dementia diagnosis and the organization advocates for all things concerning quality of life for PWD as well as providing peer to peer support groups weekly with video conference software and a number of other services for its members.

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