Dr. Norbel Roman

Dr. Norbel Roman is fifty-two years old, married with three children. He has obtained degrees in various fields: he is a general doctor in medicine and has specialisations in geriatrics, gerontology, neurology and in the administration of health centres. He has a Masters Degree in Neuroscience, and is currently enrolled on a Masters Degree in Neurological Science.

Norbel has been dedicated for many years to different social actions and different positions, such as being the President of the Association of Geriatricians of Costa Rica, the President of the Costa Rican Association of Alzheimer’s Disease (ASCADA) for the last five years; the President of the Central American Alzheimer´s Confederation, for the last four years, and a member of the Scientific Committee of Alzheimer Ibero-America. Currently, he is the Director for the Centre for Old Age and Memory of the “San Juan de Dios” Hospital, and the Research Director of the 10/66 Study in Costa Rica.

Norbel is also part of government offices, he is a member of the Council for Mental Health of the Department of Health of Costa Rica, and an Ad-Honorem consultant and ambassador of the International Alzheimer´s Association for Central America. His most recent projects were conducting the Alzheimer Ibero-America congress, which took place in Costa Rica; also, directing four Central American meetings of various Alzheimer´s Associations, and working with three governmental resolutions for the Central American countries and the Dominican Republic.

In the scientific area, Norbel has developed techniques for the early detection of dementia, with support from APOE, all through Costa Rica; he is also working on the development of a tissue bank and in techniques for measuring amyloid and tau, and he is a co-researcher in Phase III clinical studies.

At the level of social action, his main project is the development of more dementia friendly cities, with the participation of local governments in various zones of Costa Rica. He has been honoured with an award from the Ombudsman’s office in Costa Rica for his work with ASCADA and two recognition awards for his work towards better quality of life and the defence of the rights of elderly people as well as the recognition of his work towards the development of Memory Centres at a national level.


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